Vanessa and I met when we were four years old. We went to the same preschool and our moms bowled together so we hung out a lot as little kids. When our parents revealed the devastating news that they would be sending us to different elementary schools, we threatened to elope to Texas in a yellow VW Bug. Seventeen years later we made good on that promise except we celebrated our marriage with friends and family in Denver and we drove away in a white Cadillac!


Vanessa and I are extremely excited and grateful to own and operate 1321 Studios Videography. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to tell so many wonderful couples’ love stories and preserve their wedding memories for decades to come. 1321 Studios Videography has allowed me to do what I love by coupling my 8 years of professional television experience editing and producing national TV shows and commercials with my passion for storytelling. I can’t wait to capture your story so you can remember your wedding day forever. Get in touch to learn about how we can create your custom wedding video.

Kind Regards,
Jeff Siebert